What to Do After Your Home Floods

October 26, 2016 at 2:31 pm | Category: flood repairs


Whether a flood in your home is caused by ground water, rainwater, or some malfunction with a water system, reacting quickly is the most important thing you can do. You should take care of the damage as quickly as possible in order to minimize your losses and mitigate any structural problems—plus, taking action within the first 24 hours will ensure the best possible outcome with your insurance company.

Call the Northern Virginia water damage repair contractors at Enterprise Additions immediately to begin your flood damage repairs, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure that your home is in the best condition possible. But in order to avoid problems and further damage being done after the flooding, here are some of the things you should do within the first 24 hours:

Avoid Additional Risks

If the flooding was serious enough that you had to leave your home, make sure that you stay safe when you return to the scene. Check for any visible structural damage (like loose or cracked foundation elements, holes, or warping) before you enter your home. Call your utility company immediately is you think there is any damage to water, gas, electric, or sewer lines.

Even if your Northern Virginia home’s power isn’t operational, make sure that you turn off the main at your fuse box, plus all of the individual fuses. If the power is reactivated, you won’t want to be standing in water and electricity.

Also make sure that you protect your body from the water in your home. Even if it appears to clear and clean, there’s a strong chance it’s contaminated by sewage or household chemicals.

Take Pictures

Before you remove any water or begin to make any kinds of repairs, make sure that you document the damage with photographs or video. Because they can be easily copies and stored, it’s best to use digital pictures and video. If you start to remove any water or make any repairs to your Northern Virginia home prior to documentation, you could decrease the amount of coverage your insurance company is willing to provide.

Call Your Insurance Company

You need to notify your insurer as soon as possible after flooding occurs. It’s a good idea to keep your insurance company and local agent’s phone number in your emergency bag.

Groundwater flood damage isn’t typically covered by regular homeowner’s insurance, so you may need to work with your ensurer to determine the cause of the flood and the extent of your coverage. Our Northern Virginia restoration contractors can help you this process and make sure that you receive all of the assistance that you deserve.

Secure your property to ensure that no further damage occurs and contact our professional restoration and roofing contractors to begin the process of getting your home back into great shape.

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